Content ahoy

Took me a while, but projects section is finally filled with some content, aswell as the About page and other fillers that were still remaining in different places.
Sometimes it's hard to be concise while trying to explain everything and up to the point, and since it was my first time filling up a portfolio, I had been taking some time figuring out which format should I follow... Good thing that I made it so that every project has its own particular page, which can be customizable both with modules and different sections, aswell as the main block being parsed in full html.

While i'm not completely happy about some of the stuff, I just couldn't delay it any more, and after all I think its definetaly more than good enough for the time being, so I hope it is okay for most people and hopefully leave a good impression.


Opening site - Drupal

Site is finally up and running.

Although my objectives for the creation of this site started as simply being a blog with wordpress as a means to showcase some of the work i've been involved into in the form of articles, In the end, this idea did not satisfy me for many reasons...
My main concern was that, as its content expanded, it wasn't going to be exposed neatly, and even then and because of how wordpress free-kit + host works, everything was feeling extremely limited in a matter of minutes of getting into it.
So I decided I wanted a customized site (even if I had to pay for it), where in one side I would make a gallery listing my professional portfolio, and at the same time keeping an article banter on the main block.

Of course I also...

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